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Day care home providers offer a valuable service to their community by providing an affordable, quality family day care service. They are an important resource for many families, playing a critical role in the pedagogical development of children. Day care homes are run by qualified, caring professionals, committed to providing educational, engaging activities for children in their care.

Let’s Go Family Day Care is one of the leading providers of day care home services across Victoria. Families keep returning to us because of the comprehensive, caring nature of our services.

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What is FDC?

Family day care is approved child care that truly focuses on each individual child’s development, while providing high quality early learning in an educator’s own home.

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Benefits of becoming
an FDC Educator

If you are passionate about working with children and want to play a part in shaping their futures while running your own business from home.

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About our Educators

Our educators provide a stimulating environment that is inclusive of all children in their care. An educational program is developed around the national curriculum for all children to partake in.

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Day Care Home Services Across Victoria

Let’s Go Family Day Care is a Yarra Valley-based approved provider of day care home services. It was established under the principle of providing a home away from home for children.

As part of our comprehensive service, we offer both an ongoing and occasional day care home service. We provide a safe environment, early childhood education, and engaging activities.

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Family day care services is a unique child care model, where children are cared for in an educator’s home. This means there will be less emphasis on the ‘classroom’ based approach of centre-based care providers. Rather, there will be a heightened focus on caring for the needs of individual children.

At Let’s Go, our educators are passionate about working with young children. They provide them with a warm and welcoming environment that encourages learning, exploration, and socialising.

Our educators care for children aged from infancy to 12 years old. Furthermore, we comply with national quality standards, as well as those set out by the Department of Education and Training.

Why Choose Day Care Home Services?

One of the key reasons why families choose daycare home services is the scope of our offering. We provide all the key benefits of center-based care, in addition to several benefits unique to our model. These include:

Exceptional local child care services. As our educators work from their own homes, we can provide services across major Victorian metropolitan and regional areas. We provide daycare services in Melbourne, Ballarat, Warrnambool, and their surrounding areas. Wherever you are in Victoria, we will work at finding a great local daycare educator for your children.

Supporting a child’s learning through specialised, unique learning and engagement activities. Our caring educators are skilled at identifying the individual needs of children and engaging with them on a unique level. Some parents would prefer their children to spend their time learning. Others want their kids to socialize with other children. Whatever your child’s needs are, we will work at meeting them.
Flexibility in availability and scheduling. In contrast to the fixed schedules of many centre-based providers, our day care home services can work around your schedule. We have a huge team of skilled day care educators, many with different availabilities. You may need day care home services before or after school hours, or even on the weekend. We will listen to your needs, and work at matching you with an appropriate educator.

Skilled, Trained Family Day Care Educators

Let’s Go Family Day Care can reassure parents that our educators are qualified, skilled, and caring. They have all completed a relevant child care qualification, and are trained in early childhood development. They also hold a current Working With Children and police check, as do all adults in their family.

They are also trained in first aid and incident handling, to ensure that they can deal with unexpected challenges. Let’s Go can assure parents that all their children’s needs will be met.

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