Let’s Go is located in the Yarra Valley, servicing Melbourne Ballarat, Warrnambool, and surrounding areas.
We are community-minded and strive to provide quality care for families across all areas.

All staff and educators provide a warm, nurturing environment. Children have the opportunity to explore and have fun while stimulating their creative minds through our play-based program which is tailored to suit every child in our care, fostering all aspects of the child, family, cultural background, and community.

lets go family
lets go family
Every child has the right to be and feel safe all of the time. We collaboratively hold a zero tolerance for any form of child abuse, and strive to provide an environment where all children feel safe and secure while having fun; learning and developing at their own pace.
Let’s Go is bound by National Law and Regulations set out by the Department of Education and Training. This covers all requirements of documentation and programming of the children, records to be kept by the service and so on. It ensures there is a high level of quality of care and running of all services. Our service policies and procedures are guided by standards set by the Department of Educations and Care and the Department of Education and abide by their national Regulations and Laws. We also work in conjunction with the Department of Education (Commonwealth), this covers the Family Assistance Laws.

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