Family Day Care Cheltenham

family day care cheltenham

What is FDC?

Family day care is approved child care that truly focuses on each individual child’s development, while providing high quality early learning in an educator’s own home.

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Benefits of becoming
an FDC Educator

If you are passionate about working with children and want to play a part in shaping their futures while running your own business from home.

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About our Educators

Our educators provide a stimulating environment that is inclusive of all children in their care. An educational program is developed around the national curriculum for all children to partake in.

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Are you looking for a quality family daycare service in Cheltenham? Your search is over! Our educators are committed to providing exceptional child care services, and providing children with a safe, fun, and educational experience. From tailored lessons to socializing opportunities, our educators have everything your child needs to keep them feeling safe and engaged.

Why Choose Let’s Go Family Day Care?

Let’s Go is a Victorian-based family daycare provider, working with qualified professional educators across Melbourne. Working from home, our educators strive to provide tailored learning experiences for children up to 12 years old.

All our educators hold a current Victorian Working With Children’s check and police check. They are also trained in first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis management, and problem-solving strategies.

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How Let’s Go Operates

Let’s Go understands that many parents have hectic schedules, and have trouble finding a childcare provider that works around them. We are committed to providing these parents with an accessible solution through our home-based family day care services.

We will pair parents with a Cheltenham-based educator at whose home residence they can drop their kids off. Many of our educators have flexible schedules, meaning we can provide child care at all different times.

We can provide daycare home services across Melbourne and regional Victoria areas, including KeysboroughBerwickClyde NorthKilsythCroydonMount EvelynWarrnamboolThe SistersCarnegieBentleighCaulfield,  Ballarat and their surrounding areas.

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Why This Is Good For Your Children

Local family daycare has all the advantages of center-based child care. From engaging learning activities to providing children with a safe, nurturing environment, as well as benefits unique to its model. Our educators are committed to providing children with tailored learning experiences that comply with the Department of Education and Training’s standards. Family daycare also provides opportunities for children to form close friendships and participate in activities that match their interests.

Our educators are highly experienced, possessing a working knowledge of early childhood education and helping children throughout their learning journey. They can provide your child with valuable learning experiences that they would not otherwise have.

Family Day Care Is Supportive And Structured

We often get asked about what age groups we accept. The good news is that we can provide family daycare for children aged from infancy to 12 years old. Many parents also want to know if we can pair their child with others their age; we can certainly try.

Let’s Go is committed to providing parents with the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly. We are happy to discuss with you any particular requirements you may have. We will then pair your child with an educator that meets their needs, who can help them grow and learn.

Our services comply with applicable national laws and regulations, and the standards outlined by the Department of Education and Training.

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To learn more about how our family daycare Cheltenham services can help, please call us on 0402 315 332. Our friendly staff can talk you through our processes, answering any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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