What Is Family Day Care?

Family daycare is a child care service that provides care for children in a home-based setting. Providing all the benefits of center-based care, it also offers tailored engagement activities for children and flexible hours for parents. Victorian family daycare providers are licensed by the state government and meet strict standards regarding safety and educational guidelines. This page will discuss how it differs from center-based care, and why many families are opting for it.

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Family Day Care Is A Personalised Approach To Child Care

Family day care distinguishes itself from center-based learning by providing a home-based environment where children are cared for. This is in contrast to the classroom-like setting of center-based care. Family day care has smaller groups of children in one location. No more than four children will be taken care of by an educator at one time. This works at heightening child engagement, providing parents with a flexible alternative to center-based care.

Let’s Go aims to be one of Victoria’s top family day care service providers. Our unique approach helps us achieve this; we provide home-based care services across both major metropolitan and regional areas.

Why Choose A Family Day Care Service

Parents often choose family daycare services because of their comprehensive approach to child care. They want the benefits of center-based services, such as safe child care, in addition to other benefits not offered by those providers. Family daycare is a good solution to this, as its flexible and tailored approach gives it an edge. Keep reading to find out why both kids and parents like family daycare.
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Why Kids Love Family Day Care

Family day care services are positively received by children, because of the unique benefits on offer. By enrolling in family day care, children receive close, caring attention from a professional educator. They also participate in tailored learning activities, and work in small groups with other children, forming friendships in the process.

Why Parents Love Family Day Care

Parents love family daycare because of its flexibility and range of benefits. This means that they will be able to find an educator that meets their families’ needs, as it offers:
Flexible hours: Family daycare educators set their own availability, with many working early mornings and evenings. The wider availability means that parents can find an educator that suits their schedule.

Personalized content: Family day care educators frequently tailor their learning activities and lessons to individual needs. Therefore, children can learn and engage in a manner that suits them, minimizing the chances of them feeling excluded.


Local care: Family daycare is available across both major metropolitan and regional areas. People living in areas without many center-based child care options greatly benefit from this.


Skilled, competent educators: Let’s Go can reassure parents that they are leaving their children in safe, caring hands. All our educators have completed a certified child care course, such as Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. They also hold a current Victorian Working With Children’s check and a police check. Many are also trained in medical treatment, including first aid, and emergency asthma management.

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