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What is FDC?

Family day care is approved child care that truly focuses on each individual child’s development while providing high-quality early learning in an educator’s own home.

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Benefits of becoming
an FDC Educator

If you are passionate about working with children and want to play a part in shaping their futures while running your own business from home.

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About our Educators

Our educators provide a stimulating environment that is inclusive of all children in their care. An educational program is developed around the national curriculum for all children to partake in.

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Are you looking for a fantastic family day care service provider in Melbourne’s Keysborough? Look no further than Let’s Go Family Day Care. We offer fully licensed daycare services that are perfect for busy parents. Our educators are skilled at providing engaging and entertaining activities for the children in their care. Whether you want your children to learn, socialize, or meet other children their own age, Let’s Go can deliver. 

We can provide daycare home services across Melbourne and regional Victoria areas, including BerwickClyde NorthKilsythCroydonMount EvelynWarrnamboolThe SistersCarnegieBentleighCaulfieldCheltenham,  Ballarat and their surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Family Day Care Keysborough Services

Let’s Go Family Day Care strives to provide parents across Victoria with a first-rate family daycare service. We work with family daycare educators across the state, many of whom are based in Melbourne. We have several highly skilled educators residing in the Keysborough area. They are adept at providing children with a safe, nurturing home away from home environment.

What makes parents choose family day care over other forms of child care are the unique benefits it offers, including:

Personalized child care services. Children receive one-on-one attention from our educators, which is beneficial to their pedagogical development.
A home away from home environment. Our day care homes are warm and welcoming, and feel like a second home. This helps children feel comfortable and safe whilst they’re away from their parents.
Mentally stimulating activities. In accordance with the National Quality Framework, our educators are skilled at providing children with personalized engagement activities. It may be play-based learning activities, one-on-one guidance, or learning with other children. Our educators are proficient at helping children learn and grow.

Family Day Care Keysborough Is Great For Parents

In addition to children being receptive to family day care, many parents also love it. For starters, it offers more flexibility than other forms of child care. Many of our family day care educators have flexible schedules. This means they are available outside school hours, and during school holidays. By using us parents can find an amazing day care home service that is compatible with their schedule.

Family day care is also cheaper than alternative child care services, while still offering the same pedagogical benefits to children. So, by booking with Let’s Go, parents receive a cost-effective, excellent alternative to traditional daycare models.

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Our Keysborough educators are qualified and experienced

We can assure parents that our experienced educators are professionally qualified in early childhood education. They have all completed a relevant child care qualification, from Certificate III and up. They also hold a current Victorian Working With Children and police check, as do all other adults in their household. They are also trained in medical emergency handling, with many of them being proficient in first aid.

Our family daycare educators also have a great soft skill set, including a caring demeanor and empathy. They are also trained at performing under pressure, meaning that they can sufficiently handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

Booking Let’s Go Is Easy

You may want to know more about how our family daycare services can help your children learn and grow. Please give us a call today on 0402 315 332 for a discussion about your child’s needs. We would love to take you through our processes, and work at matching your child with a perfect local educator!

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