Becoming A Family Day Care Educator

Are you looking for a rewarding child care role that you do not have to travel far for? Becoming a family daycare educator may be just the opportunity you are looking for! In this role, you’ll be providing home-based daycare for children ranging in age from infancy to primary school age. Family day care providers are responsible for creating a safe and stimulating environment that encourages learning and development. If you’re interested in working in an engaging, rewarding position, with professional development opportunities, then keep reading!
best becoming a family day care educator

Why Become a Family Day Care Educator

Becoming a family daycare educator means gaining the flexibility to choose your own pathway and build a rewarding career. You will do this while working in a role doing the things that you love. You’ll be running daycare services from your own home and providing education and care for local children. You’ll also have a team of experienced and passionate childcare specialists helping you along the way. While it’s similar to running your own business, you’ll have the support of our team along the way.

Convenience In Working From Home

Many people who decide to become home-based family day care educators are already working in the early childhood education sector, often at a center. For many, the shift to home-based care is greatly received. It means they have the freedom to develop a flexible working schedule, and not have to deal with a daily commute. They also have the flexibility to develop their learning content and engagement activities, that comply with the National Quality Framework.

There are so many benefits to running a family day care service in your own home. From flexible hours to professional development opportunities, the role is what you make it.

Join the Educators At Let’s Go Family Day Care

Let’s Go Family Day Care is a Victorian-based family day care provider that services major both metropolitan and regional areas. We are often recruiting new family daycare educators to join our team. By becoming a family day educator, you will be able to work in your familiar, home-based environment, in an engaging industry. Working within an approved learning framework, you will be responsible for nurturing and providing for children whilst they are in your care and helping them learn and develop.
becoming a family day care educator
becoming a family day care educator

Why Join Let’s Go Family Day Care?

Let’s Go is always looking to expand its team, as we love meeting like-minded, dedicated individuals committed to helping children achieve their pedagogical needs. Further, there exists enormous demand within the community for qualified, nurturing family daycare educators. So, if you are willing to put in the effort, you will rarely be short of work.

In addition to a competitive rate, you will be mentored by a team of professional educators who can support and advise you, and you will have access to professional development opportunities and Let’s Go resources, all of which can help you to provide high-quality care and educational programs for children, whilst developing your professional skills.

What makes a great day care educator

At Let’s Go we are committed to providing children with a safe, nurturing learning environment. So, to work with us as a family daycare educator we require applicants, and others over 18 who live in the household, to hold a current Victorian Working with Children Check and police check. All our family day care coordinators are also required to be trained in CPR, asthma, and anaphylaxis management.

You will have also completed a relevant qualification, such as an approved Certificate III qualification in Early Childhood and Care. We want to work with passionate, committed educators who are dedicated to helping children learn and grow. They will be able to provide them with a safe, nurturing environment to do so. By requiring the above of applicants, we can assure parents that our educators meet the highest industry standards.

In addition, basic bookkeeping skills will be required, to maintain customer records, issue receipts, record relevant information about individual children, and so on.

If you are interested in working with us, then please fill out this online application form. After reviewing your application, we will get back to you with the next steps required for joining our team. Hopefully, this is the beginning of your career as a family daycare educator. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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