Before & After School Care

after school care Let’s Go provides Before and After school care school care at Seville, Coldstream and Wandin Yallock Primary schools.

Utilising Oshc from your child’s school promotes a seamless handover between the school and the service. Teachers have the capacity to communicate directly with the person looking after your child in relation to their day if need be (any notifications, messages and so on).

Your child can stay in the environment he/she knows and trusts, prompting a true sense of belonging.

Let’s Go is recognised within your school community and works closely to provide a streamlined approach to care.

Children can be picked up from the classroom and walked to the Oshc room during an initial settling period as required.

Nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea is available to all children as the service follows recommended dietary requirements

Our program is interest based to suit the needs and interests of all children in care; we also offer indoor/outdoor programs.

Open hours: 6.30am-8.30am (before school care), 3.30pm-6.30pm (after school care).

We are an approved service for CCB and CCR through the Department of Education.

Please see the ‘Parent enquiry’ tab or contact us if you are wanting to make a booking.

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